_Welcome to EOSFactory.io

EOSFactory is a Python-based smart-contract development & testing framework, created by Tokenika.

The goal is to achieve a similar functionality to Ethereum's Truffle Framework.

With a single command-line interface you can create a private testnet and then compile, unit-test and deploy EOS smart-contracts.

All of this using simple yet powerful Python3 syntax.

EOSFactory is composed of two layers:
- C++ client (i.e. `cleos`) connected to an EOS node (i.e. `nodeos`) running a private or public testnet,
- Python wrapper acting as a convenient human-oriented interface.

Using Python allows us to build comprehensive tutorials for EOS smart-contracts.

Also, we make sure everything we do is fully compatible with Windows - our toolset enables you to run an EOS node and interact with it on any major operating system, including Linux, MacOS and Windows.

EOSFactory is currently at an MVP stage. It was initially released in May 2018 and there are subsequent releases to be expected in the near future.

For more information, please refer to EOSFactory documentation.