class shell.contract.ContractBuilder(contract_dir, verbosity=None, abi_file=None, wasm_file=None)

Bases: object

shell.contract.project_from_template(name, template='', user_workspace=None, remove_existing=False, visual_studio_code=False, verbosity=None)

Given the template type and a name, create a contract workspace.

  • parameters:

    name: The name of the new wallet, defaults to ``default``.
    template: The name of the template used.
    user_workspace: If set, the folder for the work-space. Defaults to the 
        value of the ``EOSIO_CONTRACT_WORKSPACE`` env. variable.
    remove_existing: If set, overwrite any existing workspace.
    visual_studio_code: If set, open the ``VSCode``, if available.
    verbosity: The logging configuration.