Python front-end for EOSIO cleos system.

class cleos_system.SystemNewaccount(creator, name, owner_key, active_key, stake_net, stake_cpu, permission='', buy_ram_kbytes=0, buy_ram='', transfer=False, expiration_sec=30, skip_signature=0, dont_broadcast=0, forceUnique=0, max_cpu_usage=0, max_net_usage=0, ref_block='', is_verbose=1)

Bases: cleos._Cleos

Create an account, buy ram, stake for bandwidth for the account.

  • parameters:

    creator: The name, of the account creating the new account. May be an 
        object having the attribute `name`, like `CreateAccount`, 
        or a string.
    name: The name of the new account.
    owner_key: The owner public key for the new account.
    active_key: The active public key for the new account.
    stake_net: The amount of EOS delegated for net bandwidth.
    stake_cpu: The amount of EOS delegated for CPU bandwidth.
    buy_ram: The amount of RAM bytes to purchase for the new account in EOS.
    transfer: Transfer voting power and right to unstake EOS to receiver.
    permission: An account and permission level to authorize, as in 
        'account@permission'. May be a `CreateAccount` or `Account` object
    expiration: The time in seconds before a transaction expires, 
        defaults to 30s
    skip_sign: Specify if unlocked wallet keys should be used to sign 
    dont_broadcast: Don't broadcast transaction to the network (just print).
    forceUnique: Force the transaction to be unique. this will consume extra 
        bandwidth and remove any protections against accidently issuing the 
        same transaction multiple times.
    max_cpu_usage: Upper limit on the milliseconds of cpu usage budget, for 
        the execution of the transaction 
        (defaults to 0 which means no limit).
    max_net_usage: Upper limit on the net usage budget, in bytes, for the 
        transaction (defaults to 0 which means no limit).
    ref_block: The reference block num or block id used for TAPOS 
        (Transaction as Proof-of-Stake).
  • attributes:

    owner_key: Owner private key.
    active_key: Active private key.
    error: Whether any error ocurred.
    json: The json representation of the object.
    is_verbose: Verbosity at the constraction time.