eosfactory.core.teos.ABI(contract_dir_hint=None, c_cpp_properties_path=None, verbosity=None)[source]

Given a hint to a contract directory, produce ABI file.

eosfactory.core.teos.WASM(contract_dir_hint, c_cpp_properties_path=None, compile_only=False, verbosity=None)[source]

Produce WASM code.


Return process ids found by (partial) name or regex.

>>> get_process_id('kthreadd')
>>> get_process_id('watchdog')
[10, 11, 16, 21, 26, 31, 36, 41, 46, 51, 56, 61]  # ymmv
>>> get_process_id('non-existent process')
eosfactory.core.teos.node_start(clear=False, nodeos_stdout=None)[source]

Start the local EOSIO node.

  • clear (bool) – If set, the blockchain is deleted and then re-created.
  • nodeos_stdout (str) – If set, a file where stdout stream of the local nodeos is send. Note that the file can be included to the configuration of EOSFactory, see core.config.nodeos_stdout(). If the file is set with the configuration, and in the same time it is set with this argument, the argument setting prevails.
eosfactory.core.teos.project_from_template(project_name, template=None, workspace_dir=None, c_cpp_prop_path=None, includes=None, libs=None, remove_existing=False, open_vscode=False, throw_exists=False, verbosity=None)[source]

Given the project name and template name, create a smart contract project.

  • parameters:

    project_name: The name of the project, or an existing path to
        a directory.
    template: The name of the template used.
    workspace_dir: If set, the folder for the work-space. Defaults to the
        value returned by the config.contract_workspace_dir() function.
    includes: If set, comma-separated list of include folders.
    libs: If set, comma-separated list of libraries.
    remove_existing: If set, overwrite any existing project.
    visual_studio_code: If set, open the ``VSCode``, if available.
    verbosity: The logging configuration.