usage: python3 -m eosfactory.create_project [-h] [–vsc]
[–throw] [–ovr] [–silent] name [template]

Given a workspace name and (optional) a template name, create a new workspace, compatible with Visual Studio Code.

  • name – Project name or directory.
  • template – Template name or directory.
  • --c_cpp_prop – c_cpp_properties.json file path.
  • --include – Comma-separated list of include folders.
  • --libs – Comma-separated list of libraries.
  • --vsc – Open Visual Studio Code.
  • --throw – Throw error if the project exists.
  • --ovr – Overwrite any existing project.
  • --silent – Do not print info.
  • -h – Show help message and exit

usage: python3 -m eosfactory.build [-h] [–compile] [–silent] dir

Build a contract.

The contract is determined with its project directory. The directory may be absolute or relative to the contract workspace directory as defined with core.config.contract_workspace_dir(). If the dir argument is not set, it is substituted with the current working directory.

The dependencies of the contract are determined with the json file given with the argument c_cpp_prop – if it is set – or with the file .vscode/c_opp_properties.json in the project’s directory, otherwise.

  • dir – Contract name or directory.
  • --c_cpp_prop – c_cpp_properties.json file path.
  • --compile – Do not build, compile only.
  • --silent – Do not print info.
  • -h – Show help message and exit

usage: testnets.py [-h] [–name NAME] [–remove]

List saved testnets.

  • --name – print a testent of the given name
  • --remove – remove a testent of the given name
  • -h – show help message and exit

Thank you for your contribution. We include it to the next edition of EOSFactory. usage: python3 -m eosfactory.register_testnet [-h] [-a ACCOUNT ACCOUNT ACCOUNT] url [alias]

Given an url and an testnet alias (not obligatory), get registration data. Apply the data to the registration form of the testnet. Enter ‘go’ when ready.


python3 -m eosfactory.register_testnet jungle

If additional arguments are given, denoted as --account, then the given account is checked for existence, and then added as a testnet master account, for example:

python3 -m eosfactory.register_testnet jungle -a dgxo1uyhoytn 5K4rezbmuoDUyBUntM3PqxwutPU3rYKrNzgF4f3djQDjfXF3Q67 5JCvLMJVR24WWvC6qD6VbLpdUMsjhiXmcrk4i7bdPfjDfNMNAeX

  • url – An URL of a public node offering access to the testnet, e.g.
  • alias – Testnet alias
  • -h – show this help message and exit
  • -a (ACCOUNT ACCOUNT ACCOUNT) – <name> <owner key> <active key>

usage: python3 -m eosfactory.register_testnet_via_faucet [-h] faucet url [alias]