Packaging toolΒΆ

If you want to pass to a colleague your EOSIO contract project which is a VSCode folder, the fist guess, is to zip the folder and e-mail it. However, this plan is not quite straightforward:

  • There are volume binaries there.

  • There are local configuring files in the .vscode folder.

  • There are your private notes and scratchpads there.

  • The paths in the .vscode/c_cpp_properties.json are localized according to your operating system.

Hence, you should copy the folder, and edit it.

EOSIDE implements EOSFactory tool that helps to organize the distribution process:

  • The Zip button in the Setup view or (ctrl/cmd+alt+z) calls the EOSFactory command it zips the current (processed) project. The result goes to the root of the project.

  • The Open zip file in the EOSIDE view does the opposite: it restores a project from a zip file. If the zip results from the packaging process, it is readjusted to the current conditions.